Fleshlight Girls - Forbidden - Angela White

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Combined with incredibly lifelike detailing and an irresistible inner texture, this is the closest you'll get to being inside her forbidden territory. Shaped into an exact replica of Angela White's backside, you'll feel the soft opening cling gently as you enter the exciting Forbidden sleeve, which mimics anal sex extremely well. The first thing you'll feel is a super tight, ultra ribbed canal that gradually gives way to subtle, stimulating waves. As with all Fleshlight models, you'll be able to adjust how tightly the inner walls grip you by varying the suction by loosening or tightening up the cap at the base.

The revolutionary, ultra safe Superskin material making up the removable interior sleeve is incredibly soft and realistic feeling, you'll love how it warms to the touch. You'll love how Superskin keeps its shape like actual flesh, it's soft, elastic and grips you gently. Lube up and plunge in! Once inside your throbbing length will be treated to a soft ridged texture to stimulate the head of your cock. Delve deeper and the tunnel shape is a soft wave that mimics the anal anatomy. Close your eyes, get into a rhythm and it will be easy to believe your actually pleasing this hot porn stars' ass.


Length: 10 inches

Girth: 3 inches


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Product Details

  • Box Dimensions:
         Length: 10.00 in.
         Width: 3.90 in.
         Depth:3.90 in.
         Weight: 1.6810 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Code: